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Nas Karts

  • 1 Ticket...........  ...$5.50

  • 4 Tickets............$20.00

  • 2 Hour Bracelet..$15.00


*Must Be 54" Tall To Ride Alone
*Passengers Must be 4 Years of Age and Driver Must Be 16 Years of Age
Temperature must be at least 38 degrees with a wind chill no lower than 35 degrees with no snow or water on the track

Bogey’s Family Fun Center operates an exciting and family friendly Go-Kart track. Children and adults alike can zip and zoom around our protected go-kart race track and enjoy some friendly competition! Our go-karts feature a governed speed system which allows for a quick and speedy, yet safe and fun riding experience. Each go-kart is protected with a bumper system and the racing track contains addional safety enhancements. Each riding session is monitored and supervised by a trained employee to ensure a fun, entertaining, and safe ride for all.

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